“There’s two things I value in this type of business: efficiency and a speedy service. Excel IFSC has both these qualities and luckily it’s just a couple of minutes from my place, but also close to many office buildings in the area, which makes it handy for people working here.The key cutting service is quick enough – takes about 5-10 minutes – but leaving your keys to pick up later is an option too. The dry cleaners service is excellent and it’s usually done in a day or two, often ready a little before the estimated time. I once stained a light jacket with red lipstick and they assured me right away they’d remove it – and so they did. All the other pieces of clothing I left to their care were returned in a pristine state, perfectly clean and ironed. I noticed they once even went to the trouble of sewing a button that was coming loose! Bigger items, like pillows and duvets, can also be cleaned here. Besides being very reliable and attentive, the staff is good-natured too. If you’re driving, there’s two parking spots right outside the door where you can stop for a few minutes.”

Catarina L –

“Great place, great customer service, very fast and competitively priced. They can clean anything and the shoe repairs done in the IFSC location are very well done and inexpensive. Couldn’t recommend this place enough.”

Daniel D –